Dr. Randi Jaffe, Chiropractor


Gentle Chiropractic For the Pregnant Woman and Her Family

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Labor and Postpartum Doulas:

Mary Esther Hopwood-Malloy

Shara Frederick

Dana Wren

Baby Moon Doulas

Catherine Stewart-Lindley

Chantal Traub

Grace McNair

Prenatal Massage Therapists:

Jen Williams

Elise Constantine


Janet Markovits


Erin Hessel


Michelle LaDue

Bethany Leddy

Kathleen Marsh

Midwives and Obstetricians:

Bluebird Midwifery

Cara Muhlhahn

CBS Midwifery

Clementine Midwifery

Joan Bryson, CNM

Miriam Schwartzchild, CNM: 718-369-0769 mirwife@gmail.com
Kristen Leonard, CNM: 646-290-8020 kmleonard@mac.com

Village Obstetrics

Dr. Gae Rodke


Prenatal Yoga:

Prenatal Yoga Center